Getting vocal over ‘language of wine’

Learning the language and vocabulary of wine – the terminology around its making as well as describing what’s ...

By Samantha Venter

Natural wonder on our doorstep

When I turned 21, my parents gave me the most beautiful silver heart locket. This gorgeous little symbol of love has ...

By Sarah Dirsuwei

The royal wedding reception

For most wedding guests, it is the moment of truth: will they spend the reception sitting next to the most eligible ...

By Hannah Furness

Footloose for new PE dance festival

A new dance festival in the city kicks off with a pre-festival fundraiser next month at the Savoy Theatre offering both ...

By Gillian McAinsh

All dressed up for the occasion

First there was Paris, Milan, New York and London. Then came South African Fashion Week and the bigger cities.

By Gillian McAinsh

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