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Why are we spellbound by the saga of the Sussexes?

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are doing a runner. No longer do they want to be part of the British royal family, ‘The Firm’, and the world is transfixed

A lesson we as Nelson Mandela Bay residents have come to learn over the last three years is that ...

Where was Nelson Mandela Bay in 2010, where is it likely to be in 2030?

Mabuza and Mashatile light torches of a lynching


Ramaphosa and Gordhan are the first targets as the ANC national general council looms

South Africa’s agricultural machinery market underperformed in 2019


South Africa’s primary agriculture underperformed because of drought and biosecurity issues, amongst other aspects.

Successful school year requires commitment from all


Thousands of pupils across SA head to school on Wednesday for the official first day of the academic year. In Nelson ...

A billion lies about a gazillion cries


The size of crowds attending political rallies matters for leaders needing their egos stroked

All at risk of being aiders and abetters of crime


There are times when it seems like every one of us is either an outright criminal, or engaged in some criminal ...

All eyes on St George’s Park


It is fitting that St George’s Park, SA’s oldest Test cricket ground, will host what could prove to be the deciding ...

January 8 statements just a litany of promises never kept


What happened to his list of Madiba-inspired ‘tasks’ from two years ago? Where’s the urgency and determination?

The government is failing us


The pain and suffering endured by South Africans daily as a result of our government’s failure to, well, govern are on ...

Ramaphosa fails to show leadership as difficult and decisive year looms


On the eve of the statement marking the 108th birthday of the governing ANC, finance minister Tito Mboweni tweeted: “If ...

The meat grinder of mediocrity


As parents and teachers celebrate the prodigies, spare a thought for the pupils who slogged their way through

Commuters are the victims in bus antics


What started off as a gripe over wages that were not paid on time escalated to a messy fight over working conditions ...

The quid pro quo of SA’s matric results


Three South Africans called Quid, Pro and Quo had it out on Tuesday night: Quid: Halala, comrades! Halala! For the ...

Failing matric not the end of the world

Weeken Post

For many who wrote the 2019 national senior certificate, Wednesday’s release of the results was a day of celebration ...