An experience of a lifetime at DSG and St Andrew's boarding schools

Boarders at the Makhanda family of schools have access to state-of-the-art facilities and excellent teachers and coaches in a safe and stimulating environment

Diocesan School for Girls and the St Andrews schools are now offering full boarding to all pupils.
Diocesan School for Girls and the St Andrews schools are now offering full boarding to all pupils.
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Together, Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), St Andrew's College (SAC) and St Andrew's Preparatory School make an esteemed family of schools in Makhanda. 

The three leading private boarding schools are rich in tradition and forward thinking in all spheres of education. 

Key to the family of schools’ offering is full boarding, with a weekly boarding option at St Andrew's Prep and DSG Junior. 

Boarding is no longer reserved for out-of-town pupils or children requiring some discipline. It is now an experience of a lifetime for those who are passionately curious, actively engaged, independent, and dream of a holistic education full of endless opportunities.

Why your children should board with the family of schools: 

  • Diversity — Pupils are surrounded by a diverse community, forming bonds that transcend cultural, language, geographical and social differences.
  • Friends become family — Pupils form connections that last a lifetime, creating a supportive network.
  • An environment conducive to learning — Boarding pushes pupils out of their comfort zone, teaching them invaluable soft skills beyond the confines of a classroom. 
  • Excellent around-the-clock pastoral care — A dedicated team of staff is assigned to each pupil to guide them along their journey at the schools.
  • A world of opportunity — Boarders benefit from having a world of opportunity at their fingertips. They are surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities, excellent teachers and coaches they can access seven days a week. 
  • Time management — Boarding removes conflicting schedules and endless commutes. Instead, time is used effectively to fit in a full day of stimulating activities, socialising and homework.
  • The magic of Makhanda — The town is people-focused and authentic, which encourages pupils to be comfortable in their skin.

The school locations have stunning starry nights, sunsets, mountainside and proximity to the coast. People may say there is little to do in Makhanda compared with the bustling cities, but the town's originality is what makes it work.

To give your children the opportunity to attend SAC, DSG and St Andrew's Prep is a wonderful gift. Your child will receive a world-class education in a place that values authenticity, celebrates diversity and allows children to grow in a safe environment.

For more information please contact:

Vanessa Bowes: +27 (0) 82-331-1152/ (DSG) or

Cherié Wille:  +27 (0) 84-549-7710 / (SAC and Prep)  

This article was sponsored by Diocesan School for Girls and St Andrew's College.