Uitenhage police search for three suspects following early morning shoot-out

Three robbers were confronted by police inside a Uitenhage house leading to an early morning shoot-out

File picture.
File picture.
Image: Gareth Wilson

Police are searching for three robbers who broke into a house in Mimosa Drive, Uitenhage, Tuesday morning.

According to officials, the robbers started shooting at police when they arrived at the house. 

Police spokeswoman Captain Gerda Swart said the occupants of a flat were woken up by the screams coming from house.

“They then alerted the police in Uitenhage who immediately responded. On entering the house, the suspects allegedly fired several shots at the police officials,” she said.

“Police members returned fire leading to the suspects fleeing, on foot, in different directions.”

Swart said that the suspects fled into the nearby bushes, in front of the house.

“A search of the area was done however the suspects were not located,” she said.

“It is suspected that a getaway car was parked nearby the house at the time of the robbery.” She said. 

Swart said that three men entered the house through an open house window and threatened the occupants with a firearm and knives.

“The suspects demanded money and took a flat screen television set, jewellery and electrical appliances,” she said.

During a search of the nearby bushes, police found the stolen television.

“No one sustained any injuries during the incident and Uitenhage police are appealing to the community to lock all doors and windows as well as to activate the alarm system during the night,” Swart added.

A case of house robbery is under investigation.