WATCH | 'Disturbing' gum ad withdrawn from TV still available online

A chewing gum company has scrapped a TV ad after complaints, but you can still watch the offending footage on Facebook or YouTube.

Three viewers complained to the advertising watchdog about the ad for Orbit chewing gum, which shows a girl and boy stripping off and kissing in the girl's boarding school bedroom.

They said the content was disturbing, inappropriate and encouraged teens to engage in sexual behaviour.

Orbit told the directorate of the Advertising Regulatory Board that after receiving complaints via Facebook it stopped airing the ad on TV on March 17.

"The advertiser has withdrawn the commercial and will not use it again in future," the directorate said in its finding this week.

"[We] are satisfied that the undertaking is unequivocal and addresses the complaint, and therefore accept this undertaking in resolution of the matter."

The offending ad shows a parents' weekend at a college or boarding school.

The young couple are shown in her room as the girl's father approaches and knocks on the door.

As the girl panics, her boyfriend puts chewing gum in his mouth and opens the door in his boxer shorts, saying: "Jim? I'm Tom."

The father gives a small smile and the line "Time to Shine" appears on the screen.