WATCH | EFF members disrupt shopping at Greenacres Shoprite

Shopping at Shoprite, Greenacres was disrupted when about 40 EFF members staged a protest on Monday.

Community member Khanya Ngqisha was escorted out of Shoprite after he, along with a number of other community members, entered Shoprite around 11:30am.

The group filled trollies to the brim with various items and once at the tills called on Shoprite management to amend its policies.

Ngqisha called on Shoprite management to employ all staff who had been working for more than three months on a permanent basis, to transform the company’s management structure and to start a fund to help poorer communities.

Ngqisha was removed by centre security after standing for nearly an hour at the till point.

Ngqisha claimed he and the 40 others who were part of the protest had intended to pay for the items they had in their trollies.

However, at least five trollies full of various items were seen being taken back into the store where the items were packed back on to shelves.