Three suspects arrested at the weekend

The Motherwell cluster Operational Command Centre (OCC) in the KwaZakhele and New Brighton area arrested three suspects for the illegal possession of two firearms and a hijacked vehicle in separate incidents on Saturday July 21.

The first 28 year-old suspect was arrested in Salamtu street, in New Brighton, after OCC members searched three suspicious people and confiscated a 9mm Norinco pistol at 12.40am.

The members later arrested a 34 year-old man in possession of a hijacked Toyota Corolla on the M17.

The vehicle was hijacked in Mtikrakra Street, Wells Estate earlier on Saturday. The driver was caught following a car chase between him and the police.

Further  investigation to determine the link between the driver and the hijacking will be conducted.

Motherwell cluster commander, Major General Dawie Rabie said: “Fire arms play a large role in the committing of serious offences such as robberies and hijackings, and remains the focus area of the SAPS.”

Another 28-year-old suspect was arrested in possession of a stolen firearm in Kwaza Street, New Brighton, at 11.20pm.

The police found that the 38 special revolver was stolen from a security guard in May last year.

During the operation, police confiscated weapons which included eight knives and two toy guns from people walking in Kwazakhele and New Brighton.

“The successes of this weekend in getting unlicensed firearms off the streets is applauded and is focussed at ensuring a safer environment for our communities,” Rabie said.