Meet your street vendor: Chevandré Accum

Chevandré Accum
Chevandré Accum
Image: Supplied

Street vendor Chevandré Accum is always ready to greet you with a smile and a copy of your favourite read.

Name and Surname: Chevandré Accum                                                                   
Nickname: Jan-Jan

Date of birth: February 16 2001

Which intersection/road are you based at? 1st Avenue, Newton Park

How long have you been working for The Herald and Weekend Post? One year

What time do you get to work? 4:30am

Do you have regular customers? Yes

How did you come to be a newspaper seller? I chatted to a friend who worked at The Herald and Weekend Post and he asked me if I would like to come on board as a street vendor.

What do you enjoy most about being a street vendor? All the friendly customers I have.

Who or what is the most important thing to you? My mother

What are your hobbies? Shooting pool

Are you proud of The Herald and Weekend Post brand? Yes

Do you read the newspaper yourself? Yes

What is your favourite section of The Herald and Weekend Post? The front page

Do the attitudes of customers affect you and why? No, I always stay happy

Who is your favourite sports team? Blue Bulls

What is your favourite food? Fish and chips

Any other comments: I am very thankful for the opportunity to work at The Herald and Weekend Post