DJ Cleo & other famous faces slam Eskom over load-shedding

DJ Cleo did not mince his words.
DJ Cleo did not mince his words.
Image: Via DJ Cleo's Instagram

DJ Cleo has joined thousands of frustrated South Africans, who have lambasted Eskom for load-shedding across the country. 

Eskom announced on Wednesday that stage 3 load-shedding would continue for the rest of the day. This was a downgrade from stage 4  earlier this week.

Social media has been flooded with complaints about the power utility's decision and DJ Cleo joined the throng.

Cleo said that no matter how fancy the company tried to be, people were still sitting in darkness.

"There is no difference to the stages. Darkness is darkness," he wrote with a frustrated emoji.

Fashion designer Thula Sindi also wasn't impressed by the blackout and joked that it was keeping the people of Joburg humble.

Florence Masebe and Bridget Masinga also shared how load-shedding was preventing them from living their best lives. 

While everyone else is practically pulling their hair out, TV presenter Siv Ngesi isn't stressed. 

The star claimed he hasn't been hit by load-shedding apparently because he lives down the road from parliament .