Trump rethinking green deal

International backlash expected if new US administration tries to pull out of climate-change pact President-elect DonaldTrump is seeking quick ways to withdraw the US from a global accord to combat climate change, a source on histransition team said, defying broad global backing for the plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Since Trump’s election victory last Tuesday, governments ranging from China to small island states have reaffirmed support for the 2015 Paris Agreement during climate talks involving 200 nations set to run until Friday in Marrakesh, Morocco. Trump has called globalwarming a hoax and has promisedto quit the agreement, which was strongly supported by outgoing US President Barack Obama. Trump’s advisers are consideringways to bypass a theoretical four-year procedure for leaving theaccord, according to the source, who works on Trump’s transitionteam for international energy andclimate policy. “It was reckless for the Paris Agreement to enter into force before the election on Tuesday,” the source said, speaking on conditionof anonymity. The Paris accord won enough backing for entry into force on November 4, four days before the election. US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday the Obama administration would do everything it could to implement the Paris accord before Trump took office. The accord says in its Article 28 that any country wanting to pull out after signing has to wait four years. In theory, the earliest date for withdrawal would be November 42020, about the time of the next US presidential election.