WATCH | Traffic cop hangs on to car as driver speeds off to avoid fine

A traffic officer went beyond the call of duty when he tried to stop a fleeing motorist by hanging on to the bonnet of the car for dear life.

The driver of the car tried to race away from the scene to avoid a fine after being caught using her cellphone while driving. 

In a video circulating on social media, an Audi can be seen cruising along with the officer lying sprawled on the bonnet, much to the shock of a passing motorist.

Gauteng traffic police, in a preliminary report posted on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, said that an officer was busy issuing a fine for cellphone usage on September 13 when the 27-year-old female driver drove away with the officer hanging on the bonnet.

The incident happened in Krugersdorp on Friday, September 13.

Officers in an unmarked minibus taxi pursued the driver, who was later arrested and "detained on several charges".

These included a failure to comply with instructions of a traffic officer, reckless driving and resisting arrest.

“Oh my god! What’s happening here?” said the person taking the video after shouting, “Stop the car.”

The Audi is ultimately brought to a halt as a white minibus cuts the car off. The sliding door flies open and someone gets out to offer support.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula retweeted the video, but did not offer any comment on what he had seen.

TimesLIVE reached out to Gauteng traffic police for comment.

This story will be updated.