Mohammed Ebrahim arrested for 'murder' of schoolboy Miguel Louw

Mohammed Ebrahim has been arrestd for Miguel Louw's murder
Mohammed Ebrahim has been arrestd for Miguel Louw's murder
Image: Jeff Wicks

Mohammed Ebrahim‚ the alleged kidnapper of Durban schoolboy Miguel Louw‚ has been arrested for the child's murder.

A butcher by profession‚ Ebrahim was arrested several days after the boy disappeared in July.

He was subsequently released on bail.

He appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

As he stood in the dock wearing a bright blue shirt‚ he was told that his case has been transferred to a regional court.

But as soon as he attempted to leave the building‚ police detained the 43-year-old‚ informing him of his rights and placing him under arrest.

Louw’s decomposed remains were found in February in Phoenix‚ less than 100m from Ebrahim’s family home.

The court previously heard that Ebrahim had slept in a shed on a foam mattress after becoming estranged from his family‚ working as a butcher.

He entered Miguel’s life as an acquaintance of the boy's mother‚ Raylene.

The two worked at the same butchery.

Ebrahim lived with Miguel Louw and his mother at their Sydenham home for two weeks before mother and lodger had an altercation.

When he was first arrested‚ he was found in possession of Miguel’s original birth certificate and Raylene Louw’s identity document.

Ebrahim will appear in the regional court later on Wednesday.