HHP's father maintains 'vital' customary marriage rituals weren't concluded

Hip-hop star Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP
Hip-hop star Jabulani Tsambo aka HHP
Image: HHP / Facebook

An urgent application to stop the funeral of hip-hop star Jabulani 'HHP' Tsambo is currently being heard at the South Gauteng High Court on Friday afternoon.

HHP's partner Lerato Sengadi turned to the law after she was excluded by his father from all funeral arrangements and has not been allowed access to his remains.

In court papers‚ Lerato said Jabba told her he wanted to be buried at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg because he spent most of his life in the city and so that his son could come visit his grave.

Lerato further stated that she could prove lobola payment was made and that even though their marriage was rocky‚ it was still a legitimate customary marriage.

In a responding affadavit HHP's father Robert Tsambo argued that there were certain rituals that needed to be concluded for a customary marriage to be recognised.

"The Tsambo family still maintains that Jabulani was not married according to their custom and in terms of the requirements outlines in the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act (Act 120 of 1998).

"The fact that he lived in the same house with Ms Lerato Sengadi does not change their mere cohabition into a concluded customary marriage."

The Tsambo family said that during a meetng on February 28 2016‚ it was never put forward or agreed by the Tsambo and Sengadi families that the negotiations were intended for a customary marriage.

"Ms Lerato Sengadi has never been handed over (gorosiwa) to the Tsambo family by any form of ceremony accompanied by her family members so as to be accepted as makoti as this is the vital requirement in validating the customary marriage."

At the same negotiations the required drowry was not paid in full.

HHP died on October 24 and is set to be buried in Mahikeng after a civic funeral service.

The court case is still continuing.