Israel apologises for turning away Naidoo

Shashi Naidoo was lambasted for calling Gaza a "sh*thole".
Shashi Naidoo was lambasted for calling Gaza a "sh*thole".

As model Shashi Naidoo makes her way back to the country after being denied entry into Palestine‚ the Israeli minister of public security & strategic affairs, Gilad Erdan, has apologised for rejecting her entry.

Taking to Twitter, Gilad said the state had to prevent Naidoo’s entry under its anti-Boycott‚ Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) laws.

“You’re welcome to visit Israel – but not under threats & pressure from hate-filled BDS groups‚ on a trip organised by BDS groups‚ in order to ‘re-educate’ yourself‚” he said.

Naidoo was set to visit Palestine to get “more educated” on the state‚ after she got major backlash for calling Gaza a “s**thole”.

During a debate with a follower‚ Naidoo claimed that Palestine was not using aid from the rest of the world appropriately and had “ambition to annihilate Israel”.

She publicly apologised for the comments‚ saying they came from not having enough knowledge about the situation.

The trip was organised in conjunction with human rights and Palestine solidarity organisation (BDS) South Africa.

The Israeli Embassy in South Africa said the state had the right to deny entry to “those seeking to harm the country”.