New sexual harassment complaint against Jordaan

Danny Jordaan
Danny Jordaan
Image: Tsheko Kabasia

South African Football Association boss Danny Jordaan is facing new criminal charges after a prominent author, who is also the niece of a top politician, opened a case of sexual harassment against him.

The Sunday Times reported that a 40-year-old research consultant opened a case against Jordaan, a former Nelson Mandela Bay mayor, at the Parkview police station in Johannesburg last week – just more than a month after former ANC MP and musician Jennifer Ferguson opened a case of rape against him.

The latest case emerged as Ferguson’s affidavit to police gives a graphic account of the alleged rape.

“The bedroom door opened and he entered without my permission.

“By then I was semi-naked. He forcefully took me and I could not defend myself. I entered [a] state of shock.”

Jordaan has denied the rape allegations and is yet to appear in court. He could not be reached for comment yesterday.

According to the Sunday Times, the author, who cannot be named, alleges that Jordaan groped her and tried to force himself on her as well as attempting to rip off her underwear in the boardroom of a five-star Sandton hotel in March 2011.

The incident allegedly took place while she was interviewing him for her soccer-related book project.

The woman says she was saved by a waiter knocking at the door.

The Sundays Times reported that according to her affidavit, Jordaan sexually assaulted her on three occasions including during a meeting at Safa House in Nasrec, the association headquarters south of Johannesburg, and when she went to meet another administrator for the same book project.

Jordaan’s lawyer, Mohlahla, said the Mamodupi allegations seemed to be an attempt to render Jordaan ineligible to stand for the Safa presidency on Saturday.

“We believe that the events set out above [are] not coincidental and have one aim and one aim only and that is to prevent Dr Jordaan from standing for the position of Safa president,” Mohlahla said.

Jordaan was the mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay for just more than a year, from May 2015.