NMU student stabbed during robbery

A 23-year-old Nelson Mandela University student from Botswana was stabbed in the chest during a daring robbery only meters from North Campus this evening (7/02/2018).

The attack happened at about 6:15pm while the student was walking in University Way - on the outskirts of the Cape Recife High School.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naiud said that the NMU student was walking on the footpath when he was approached by three men.

"They tried to rob him of his cell phone but the student threw it over the fence into the school property. One of the suspects climbed over the fence and took the cellphone. The student was then stabbed once in his chest during the altercation," she said.

Naidu said that the student was rushed to Greenacres Hospital in a critical condition.

"The three suspects ran away on foot after the attack. A short while later someone saw him lying on the verge and called the police."

Naidu added that further details were unknown as the man was rushed off to hospital from the scene.

A case of robbery and attempted murder was opened.