SA Boxing legend Nick Durandt dies

[caption id="attachment_201626" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Nick Durandt
File picture: Lefty Shivambu[/caption]

Flamboyant trainer Nick Durandt has died.

The 53-year-old accomplished manager who produced over 95 South Africans in all 17 weight division over 30 world champions and 27 international champions‚ died on Friday having been in a motorbike accident in the Free State.

Initial details have been sketchy‚ but two the boxers he trained‚ Ilunga Makabu and Jaret Silverman‚ confirmed being told that their mentor had passed on.

Durandt's first-born son‚ Damien‚ did not answer his phone but BSA 's Gauteng provincial manger Archie Nyingwa also confirmed being informed about the sad news.

"Yes‚ Nick is dead‚" said Makabu‚ battling tears.

"I was in the (Durandt's) gym preparing for my fight next week and I have just been told about his death. I am devastated. I feel like dying myself."

Sliverman said: "Life goes in a second. You are here now and you are gone few minutes later."

Durandt - who retired from boxing last year before being awarded with a Lifetime Achievement award by BSA in its annual awards in Durban in January - was part of 100-strong motorbike group.

- TMG Digital/TMG Sport