N2 rock missiles among new crime trends

Emerging patterns prompt police warning to help residents avoid becoming victims

Rocks being thrown at vehicles on the N2, firearm holders being attacked for their guns, burglars breaking in through roofs, and remote jammers used to steal valuables from vehicles.

These are some of the emerging crime trends in Nelson Mandela Bay which have prompted police to warn residents and motorists about the patterns to avoid them becoming a crime statistic.

All of these trends have seen a spike in recent weeks.

Stones being hurled off the Stanford Road bridge onto the N2 is the latest to emerge.

If a vehicle is hit, the motorist usually slams on brakes and pulls over.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said a gang of about five men hiding nearby then confronted and robbed the driver.

“Reports indicate that stones are hurled from the bridge at Stanford Road onto cars on the freeway,” Naidu said.

“Rocks are also laid across the road. After stopping, drivers are robbed of their personal belongings.”

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