‘Idols’ hopeful Bevin eyes top-five spot

With the competition hotting up the Bay’s only Idols SA hopeful aims to give the performance of his life tomorrow before of the announcement of the competition’s top five.

Surprised to have advanced this far in the competition, Bevin Samuels, 19, of Gelvandale, said his progress was testimony to the strong support base he had back home in Port Elizabeth.

During the show’s live performances, community members as well as his family pulled together by handing out flyers along Standford Road.

Earlier this week, a taxi association appealed to motorists to continue voting for Samuels by painting “Vote for Bevin SMS 05 to 37400” on the backs of dozens of taxis seen parked at Clearly Park Shopping Centre. “I have got the whole Eastern Cape behind me and the voters have shown that they are backing me.

“I was so shocked when I saw the pictures of the taxis showing their support on social media.

“I really could not believe it, the support from the city has been amazing. They continue to show the country that something good can come from the northern areas and that they do support their own,” Samuels said.

The teenager said after last week’s show, when a shock result was read out and fellow contestant Keegan Martin was eliminated, things had become real for those left behind.

“Things have become more tense in the house now. People are keeping to themselves because the reality of being eliminated at any point is real.

“The most nerve-racking days in the house are Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays because the public is out there voting,” he said.

Samuels said he had been working hard all week to prove to his fans that he had what it took to take the coveted No 1 spot.

“This week’s show is going to be fun but I have no set plan in mind. I just want to show my fans that I am challenging myself,” he said.

His most enjoyable performance so far was last week’s performance of Tevin Campbell’s Can We Talk?

Family member Nicky Harmse, 31, of Parkside, said the family had approached various businesses around the Bay to donate cash to buy airtime for people to vote.

“Earlier this week, #TeamBeenation requested local businesses, who have risen to the challenge and have donated cash to vote.

“On Tuesday evening, we held a voting session to ensure that Bevin received more than enough votes,” she said.

Harmse added that despite the bad stigma which sometimes haunted the northern areas, Samuels’ progress on the show had become an inspiration to many.

“Bevin has become an inspiration to all the teens out there, with a message of hope, and we feel that it has become way bigger than just him making it this far on Idols.

“His story is proof that something good can come from the gang-ridden, drug-post populating, poverty stricken northern areas and we hope he makes it further in the competition,” she said.