St Albans ups matric pass rate

Results put prison school in second spot nationally.

Convicted murderers, thieves and armed robbers at St Albans Prison joined the thousands of matriculants who completed secondary schooling. And, in doing so, they doubled the facility’s matric pass rate.

Five out of six matrics received their certificates during a celebratory lunch at the St Albans main hall yesterday.

The results are a significant improvement from 2013 which produced a 41.1% pass rate in comparison to last year’s 83.3%.

The results put the St Albans school in second spot nationally, behind the Gauteng-based Emthonjeni Correctional Facility.

St Albans’ top matriculant, Kwanga Mhlanga, 29, who has served four years of his 18-year sentence for armed robbery, achieved a diploma pass.