Oscar relives moments before shooting

Murder accused Oscar Pistorius took the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday through domestic events on the night he shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

He told of their night time routine of taking tea and coffee up to his bedroom on the first floor of his home in the Silver Woods security estate in Pretoria.

Steenkamp lay on the bed surfing social media, occasionally showing him pictures of cars or interior decorating, with the television on.

He spoke to his cousin who was coming up from Port Elizabeth.

He explained his night-time routine of locking the bedroom door and putting his cricket bat between his bedroom door and a sunglasses cabinet to block the door.

He said he would usually set the burglar alarm with a remote in his hand once he had locked his bedroom door. But because his house was being repainted, the door alarms did not work.

While he was chatting to his cousin, Steenkamp started doing floor exercises and yoga.

The double-amputee was airing his prosthetic legs after a day of being in a suit.

Steenkamp went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and called him to brush his too. He put his legs back on and went and brushed his teeth.

On his return to the room, he found her lying on the middle of the bed.

He moved to the left side of the bed, not his usual side, because his shoulder was sore and he had been receiving physiotherapy for this.

He placed his firearm behind the bedside table on the left side of the bed.

Pistorius has denied murdering Steenkamp as the State alleges, saying he thought there was an intruder in the house when he shot through the toilet door and killed her.