Masasa Mbangeni slams pregnancy rumours

Masasa Mbangeni shuts down pregnancy speculation.
Masasa Mbangeni shuts down pregnancy speculation.
Image: Instagram/ Masasa Mbangeni

Masasa Mbangeni has dismissed pregnancy rumours circulating about her on social media, noting the unwelcome invasion of her private space.

The actress took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight after trolls speculated whether she was expecting after noticing she had picked up weight.

“Guys, I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat, happily so. DMs on IG and Twitter about the contents of my uterus are on an upward surge again,” she wrote.

This is not the first time the actress has had to clear the air on pregnancy rumours.

Earlier this year she said she was happy she had gained weight and made it clear she was not pregnant.

Guys, I’ve gained so much weight and I’m so happy! My arse is huge, my breasts are gorgeous and I have a soft belly! I look like a Renaissance painting but with an arse,” she wrote.

In November last year, Masasa took to Twitter to slam pregnancy rumours, saying fans should not be concerned about her starting a family. She said the reason behind her weight gain was due to the medication she had started taking.

“I'm not pregnant guys. I'm just taking medication that is making me gain a bit of weight. Relax. Also, stay out of my uterus,” she slammed nosy tweeps.