IN MEMES | Mzansi can't believe how Lockdown’s Tyson played them!

Lorcia Cooper plays Tyson on 'Lockdown'.
Lorcia Cooper plays Tyson on 'Lockdown'.
Image: Supplied

In one of the most unexpected plot twists on TV, fans cried real tears when they thought that Lockdown's Mazet had died, only to find out on Monday that she was, in fact, alive and everything they saw was a figment of Tyson's imagination.

Most SA drama series have stuck to the same “straight forward” manner of storytelling. This is why when Lockdown switched things up without warning and took a different route to storytelling, fans were left both shocked and amazed.

When viewers listened to Tyson's voice-over the last week as she told the painful story of how Mazet was shot dead, they believed that they had seen Mazet for the last time. However, it was revealed on Monday's episode that last week's painful episode was actually all in Tyson's head. It was her version of events and not accurate at all.

Mazet told her version of the story and fans just couldn't believe how Tyson had actually sold them.

They couldn't believe how she managed to play the whole nation.

“I like how Tyson told her story and all, to us viewers it was like her story was the truth because it is what we saw. But Mazet came and told her story, and we were shown the scene that's was the real truth,” one viewer said.

Another was still stuck on the fact that all the emotions she went through last week were wasted.

“I want my tears back Mandla ... I cried for Mazet and now she's alive?” she said.

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