AKA apologises amid 'm-word' backlash: 'I understand now that's unacceptable'

AKA caused a stir with his comment.
AKA caused a stir with his comment.
Image: AKA/Twitter

Rapper AKA has apologised for using a homophobic slur this week, telling fans that he understands now why it was unacceptable.

The Baddest hitmaker caused a social media storm on Thursday when he used the derogatory term, when speaking about nemesis Cassper Nyovest.

He had been urging his rival to sign a contract for a boxing match to be held between the two later this year.

Fans, including comedian Lasizwe, slammed AKA for using the slur and called for the rapper to be “cancelled”.

“The moment someone uses the word ‘m***ie' you’re cancelled! It’s like using the k- word. It’s so tragic that you guys find this entertaining!

“This is the same word used to undermine and cause hate in the LGBTQI+ community. Remember, hate sometimes causes fear and fear causes death,” Lasizwe tweeted.

In response to the backlash, AKA issued an apology on his Twitter account.

“I’d like to apologise to anybody offended by my use of the word 'm**fie' in a previous tweet. At some point, I thought it wasn’t a big deal to use this word. I understand now that it’s not acceptable.”

AKA added that he had simply lost his cool and had “an epic failure of judgement and hot-headedness”.

“Sometimes your idiot self gets the better of you.”

Cassper has not responded to AKA’s use of the word, but in a tweet hit back at his rival for disrespecting and swearing at his parents.

“I'm not innocent at all in this thing but I have never disrespected anybody's parents or family. So miss me with that, because I just wasn't raised like that. There's a line that you don't cross! Even with enemies!”