WATCH | Bontle Modiselle's dance moves spark Twitter feud, but she's not here for it

Bontle Modiselle is excited about becoming a mom.
Bontle Modiselle is excited about becoming a mom.
Image: Instagram/Bontle Modiselle

Twitter “doctors” who are hating on TV presenter and radio host Bontle Modiselle's dance moves can take a seat. She has made it clear that their opinions and unsolicited advice mean nothing to her.

Throughout the weekend, Bontle was the talk of the Twitter streets as Mzansi reacted to the #Bontlechallenge, which was sparked by videos of her dancing while pregnant.

One tweep was more than mildly concerned about her and the unborn baby's wellbeing. He went on a rant, accusing Bontle of being abusive to her unborn bundle of joy.

“Wtf is this now? Unborn baby abuse? Shouldn't she be concerned about the health of the baby instead of her right to do whatever she wants with her body? I heard her name was F**ng Bontle, I bet the sperm donor can't say sh** about that neh?”

Most defended her, saying she must not be policed about what she does with her body.

Bontle finally broke her silence, explaining that medical experts were OK with her exercise and dance routine.

Below are the dance moves she shared on Instagram.