Help spread some cheer by donating old newspapers

You, our reader, can help The Herald spread some Christmas Cheer this festive season
You, our reader, can help The Herald spread some Christmas Cheer this festive season

Nelson Mandela Bay residents will once again have the opportunity to share in the 2019 festive feeling as The Herald embarks on a recycling initiative with its annual Christmas Cheer fundraiser.

For more than a century, The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund has collected donations which are distributed to children in need, the aged, poor, sick and disabled.

Every cent the fund receives is allocated to the selected organisations and charities.

In addition to just driving funds via direct cash and EFT donations, a call on all readers and the public is made to drop off old newspapers at various drop-off zones at SPAR stores.

The Herald chief marketing officer Justin Peel said the aim of the recycling initiative aligned to the fund was twofold.

“First, we would like to create a sustainable contribution model that allows the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding areas to support The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund throughout the year by simply recycling their old newspapers,” Peel said.

“The second aim of the recycling initiative is to ensure, as a newspaper provider, we’re taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment.

“The initiative is a small step in our journey as a local news organisation to ensure we’re able to drive a process that talks to a sustainable future for our environment.”

Peel said in the past various initiatives to garner support were used for the fund, like competitions and direct donations, but this year the new recycling model provides for a longer annual window allowing for a more regular feed of donations throughout the year.

For each 10kg of newspaper donated, R1 is allocated towards the fund in collaboration with the Waste Trade Company, which will be facilitating the collection and recycling of old newspapers.

The SPAR stores for the newspaper drop-offs are: Linton Grange, Sunridge Park, Waterfront, Newton Park, Walmer, Fiveways, Despatch, Levyvale Uitenhage, Mount Pleasant and Acres.

“We firmly believe everyone deserves the chance to laugh, smile and feel loved, especially over the holiday season,” Peel said.

“I urge everyone to take a stand and, by simply recycling your old newspapers at the designated points, make a difference in the lives of the thousands of less fortunate individuals The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund supports.”

The fund is administered by five trustees, comprising senior management of The Herald and beggar-in-chief Steven Lancaster, who has been involved in charity work for more than 20 years.

“One small act of kindness changes lives, most especially when we face stress, as many do at Christmas time,” Lancaster said.

“A person may change their life because of your contribution through a transparent and effective charity like The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund and the 80-odd charities we support.”

The Waste Trade Company (TWTC) general manager Kay Hardy said: “We pride ourselves in supporting initiatives that help promote a healthy planet through responsible actions through recycling.

“Our school recycling project enables us to spread our awareness and education through recycling, and we are very honoured that The Herald chose to involve TWTC in such an initiative.

“It’s a good way to help us save our natural resources, diverting waste from landfill, keeping the environment clean, creating jobs – the chain is long, so it is good for the economy.

“And the newspapers brought in go towards helping feed a child or a family.”

How to donate:

The Herald calls on the general public as well as schools and corporates to donate towards The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund. Donations can be done via:

  • EFT/direct bank deposit: EFT Online banking or direct deposit at the bank
  • The Herald Offices: Direct donation at The Herald office
  • Beggar-in-Chief: Steven Lancaster can make a special visit to collect funds

Funds can be donated to:

The Herald Christmas Cheer Fund

First National Bank