Let’s look at your side hustle

Get smart about where you invest your resources

Let's look at your side hustle.

Because, although it is often said that the only constant in life is change, this statement never rang truer than it does in the present age we live in.

More people are turning to alternate streams of revenue making in these present times. It is possible to generate a fair amount of income through a side hustle. You just need to be smart about where you invest your resources.

This article helps you make a decision for a suitable side hustle, equipping you with the wisdom to get out there and make a success of the ideas in your heart.

1. Choosing a side hustle

Ask yourself what you’re naturally good at. It could be proof-reading, designing artwork in the form of logos or maybe you’re really good at make-up application. Find out what level of monetary investment is needed for your particular choice and then get started.

2. Marketing is key

Remember, that your service offering is purely service delivery. Marketing proves an important factor if you want to get your name out there and make your target aware of your presence in the marketplace.

It is worth investing in a logo, e-mail marketing and generating an adequate social media presence. These small steps could take you further along than you would have if, you were trying to make yourself known within the four walls of your office or home. Being seen is a must.

3. Networking and getting social

Despite the online world we presently live in, face-time is still as powerful as when the concept was first introduced to the business world.

Investigate what events are available to your side hustle sector and then, get out there to network with people who may just need what you have to offer.

These events and conferences also provide key learnings for you as a service provider. Knowledge is power and you could be one learning away from beating your competitors to closing a sale.

4. Be wise and don’t compromise

One particular side hustle a few folk are catching on to, is network marketing. This entails partnering with a well-established business to create an income-generating network market of your own.

There typically is a small investment required, though legitimate entities won’t promise you an overnight success story after an investment of money.

Like all good business ventures, network marketing still requires good, honest hard work to turn your side hustle into your own success story.

Network marketing involves individuals selling products to the public, often by word of mouth or direct sales.

Pyramid schemes on the other hand, don’t involve selling any real product. These are fraudulent schemes operating under the guise of network marketing.

The hallmark of these schemes is the promise of exorbitant returns in a short period of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money and getting others to do the same.

Make sure you do your homework and research the company before handing over any money. Enquire the legitimacy of the company from online forums and like-minded entrepreneurs before you commit to a scheme.

There are a few network marketing companies who are legitimate and offer quality – both in products and in their structure.

So, there you have it. Four points to get you on your way to realising your side hustle dream. You never know, your side hustle could just turn out to be your main hustle.