A moving carousel cake & a Chanel handbag - Stormi’s 1st birthday bash was levels

Kylie Jenner threw a massive party for her daughter Stormi.
Kylie Jenner threw a massive party for her daughter Stormi.
Image: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner

Next time we have a birthday party, please can we be blessed with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's budget? They threw a bash for their one-year-old daughter over the weekend that was pure #LifeGoals.

At one, little Stormi is probably still trying to figure out how to count her toes, and what shouldn't be eaten but she had a party that was so extra it had many adults green with envy.

With rides, a butterfly garden, inflatable jumping castles and dancing pixies - it was literally like partying in another world.

And the internet was totally here for it.

Here are just three epic moments from the party that had us taking stock of our lives. 


The party was turned into a replica of daddy Travis Scott's Astroworld. Except this was Stormi World, obvs.

It made going to Spur for a free birthday ice cream look like a waste.


Forget about dolls or tea sets, DJ Khaled gave Stormi her first Chanel handbag. 

So how many diapers does this handbag fit in it? 


What's a lavish party without a moving cake, though? I mean... it's a must.

Stormi's cake had a mini carousel on it and enough decorative flowers to fill a florist.

That time we had to buy our own cake for our birthday, and it was on special at Checkers.

Whether you liked it or not, Kylie didn't care.

She took to Instagram to tell everyone straight: She had to go "all out" for her baby.