Lerato K shades celebs who haven’t spoken out on #OpenUpTheIndustry

Lerato Kganyago has told fans not to come for her in the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate.
Lerato Kganyago has told fans not to come for her in the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate.
Image: Lerato Kganyago/ Instagram

Lerato Kganyago has laughed off suggestions that she is overly emotional about the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate because she is threatened by fresh talent, suggesting that it was those celebs who were silent who had perhaps held the biggest threat.

Lerato was one of the most vocal celebs on the topic this week but was accused by a follower of being a "gatekeeper" preventing some from getting into the industry.

The critic suggested that other celebs hadn't bothered to respond because they were not the ones blocking access.

Lerato has never been one to shy away from an argument and immediately set the follower straight, shading other celebs in the process.

"No boo! Let me tell you the truth, they are silent because they don’t give a damn about you all, and they still going to be taking more gigs."

Lerato added that people would continue "attacking" her for her one TV gig because they "feared" their favourite celebs.

She went on to share how she's been opening up the industry by hiring six people to work for he and warned the haters not to come for her.

Meanwhile comedian and Uyang'thanda Na presenter Moshe Ndiki has tried to defuse anger around the lack of opportunities for young talent, claiming that artists don't book themselves.