Surprising story of Horlicks

It’s a nostalgic malted milk drink often enjoyed at bedtime and long associated with fluffy dressing gowns.

Horlicks may not be the most fashionable brand but it is a profitable one: owners GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have put their Horlicks India business on the market for $3bn,  following a 54% rise in 2017.

Horlicks was originally conceived as an energy booster for children, the elderly and sick. It was invented by two British-born men, William and James Horlick.

Both emigrated to Chicago and founded J&W Horlick in 1873. Horlicks was the first malted milk to be patented and in the past has been favoured by polar explorers. During World War II it was used by soldiers for a boost and, in 1948, was even given to the competitors at the London Olympics.

Ahead of its time as a nutritional supplement and all-in-one powdered meal, Horlicks contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron and Vitamin B5.

Though we might think of Horlicks as a quintessentially British nostalgia food it is loved internationally. Its biggest market is India where it is served to children as an energy boost before school. However, it is myth that it will help you sleep better. – The Telegraph