Toast to making the right moves

UITENHAGE-born Seki Mandaba, who is the Nelson Mandela municipal events director had brunch with La Femme at Cubana recently. In a bright yellow top, her chatty self and the sunny morning made for quite a relaxed meeting.

Mandaba who now lives in Richmond Hill shared her love for communication and public relations, her work at the municipality and why she decided to forego her information technology (IT) career.

"I studied IT for four years and worked in the IT field for about two years. I specialised in network communication, where I dealt more with people and before I knew it, the communication side of me took over and I realised I did not want to continue in that field," she said.

At a later stage she studied public relations and communication.

"Part of my job is to ensure that the events that take place in the city are in line with the Events and Safety Act of 2010, that they are staged and hosted in a safe and a successful manner to position the city as a globally competitive and preferred events city."

She opted to have the Dino burrito – eggs, bacon and mushrooms rolled in a tortilla, oven baked and topped with salsa and cheddar cheese, fries and cappuccino.

I picked Cubana because of the ambience and its unique position next to the beach. This is an offering you do not get anywhere else.

I will know I have made it when the perfectionist in me says "you have given it your best".

I love my career because it gives me personal fulfillment as my accomplishments are on time and to the best of my ability.

The person who has taught me the most is my mother, for her endurance, hard work and values that she instilled in us.

I share my life with my family – my two boys Monelisi-Thina, 15, and Unam, 10, my loving and supportive partner and every other person that I have met and who's made a difference in my life.

I have a soft spot for children, I am good with children and even before I had my own, I always loved kids.

I should have studied a degree related to sport, arts and culture from the very beginning.

I am listening to John Legend and Anthony Hamilton.

When I was 16 I wish I knew the power of prayer.

My music weakness is wanting to explore and own each and every album that strikes me or hits home.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids progress in their ambitions – be it school and sports.

My favourite item of clothing is my playsuit from G-Star.

I absolutely hate the smell of bad breath.

I am saving to buy my current favourite car.

I can't go a day without prayer, seeing and chatting to my loved ones. - Balisa Ntloko