Fishing adventures of a young boy

WILL Rogers, who died in 1935, was one of the greatest American political sages who ever lived and said: "Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment".

As a young boy I spent one of my most memorable holidays at Kini Bay.

It was Christmas time and what a way to spend those six weeks! Getting up before the sun to catch breakfast was a tremendous thrill then. Collecting bait among the rocks was quite an adventure too. Octopus and redbait was easy pickings and venus ear (now illegal) would complement the bait arsenal.

The hours of enjoyment I had back then, changed my life. Never did I have the temptations young people have as a result of the racing technology we witness today.

At least I had the chance to grow up as children should – with adventure.

Kini Bay is situated just before Seaview and is a rocky stretch of coastline with gulleys aplenty. This section of coast can be dangerous with high tides, especially around spring tide.

The species' diversity is favourable to the pot angler who can target what the palate desires. It is not challenging to the angler who cannot cast far as the gulleys provide an alternative to these obstacles. Being a rocky shore a fair amount of tackle can be compromised, so go well equipped.

From the car park the shore is easily accessed with a gentle walk, so folk with weary legs can cope. It is just the rocky bits that can be cumbersome.

Kini Bay also offers good snorkelling opportunities and provides easy access to the sea for the spear fisherman.

During this holiday, my brother got stung by a bluebottle and it was quite a nasty experience being a fellow who was allergic to bee stings. The bluebottles are a product of the east wind usually and being a protean poison quick attention should be paid to these stings as it can become very unpleasant.

Hot water is a good remedy for a bluebottle sting so, if stung, go and have a good hot bath or shower as soon as possible. In the absence of a hot soak, a little ice can give some relief. However, the hot water will overcome the toxins in the sting. Paste made from meat tenderiser and water works well. Handy Andy is also a good alternative along with urine should these other remedies not be available at the time of initial treatment.

If the patient does not respond to treatment, seek medical help.