February hikes with Voetsac

Saturday schedule for East Cape Adventure and Hiking Association

Image: Pexels

The Eastern Cape Adventure and Hiking Association has released its list of events for February with the Voetsac Hiking Club.

There are two hikes on each Saturday of the month, ranging in length or difficulty.

Saturday February 2

Sacramento Trail, an 8km hike rated easy, open to all at a cost of R5.

Fern Kloof, a moderate 12km hike and participants are asked to pay R6.

  • Inquiries: Rob Witte for Sacramento, 082-372-9401; Laurence Weitz for Fern Kloof, 084-764-8996.

Saturday February 9

Stuckens, an 8km hike rated easy at a cost of R5.

Maitland, an easy 13km hike and participants are asked to pay R35. 

  • Inquiries: Ferdi Prince for Stuckens, 083-261-2977; Rob Witte for Maitland, 082-372-9401.

Saturday February 16

Sleepy Hollow, an easy 10km hike, R30.

Lower Blindekloof hike in Groendal, moderate hike of 13km, R61

  • Inquiries: Rob Witte for Sleepy Hollow, 082-372-9401; Robin Holmes, 041-365-0996, 082-374-9227.

Saturday February 23

Maitland Reserve, this is a beautiful forest hike at Maitland. The hike is rated easy and is 13km. The cost is R5.

Van Stadens Dam, a moderate hike of 12km. The cost is R5.

  • Inquiries: Ralph Sheffield-Webb for Maitland, 082-459-4839; Elbie Weitz for Van Stadens, 084-581-0134.