Four ways to make your business safe with Trellidor

The recent looting in some provinces was a stark reminder of how vulnerable some companies are to crime. Another is that crime statistics show that most business crime occurs by robbers breaking doors, windows or locks and these crimes are on the increase.

Computer equipment, tools, cash, cell phones, food and electrical equipment are targeted and suspects repeatedly commit business burglaries at the same premises. 

“High quality physical security barriers are one of the most effective ways of keeping criminals out of your business premises. They keep your staff and customers safe, prevent theft and help avoid damage to the building and its contents,” said Ferdi Pieterse, owner of Trellidor Port Elizabeth.

“We manufacture a comprehensive range of products that are all custom designed to make your business safe. We are also happy to do a security assessment of your premises to make sure you have covered all vulnerable areas to avoid being a target.”

Here are four ways that this award-winning Trellidor franchise team can help make your business safe.

Install roller shutters in key areas

Good quality automated roller shutters are very strong security gates. Once rolled down, they lock into place and are nearly impossible to force up again. Use them to protect office and retail store entrances, stock storage areas, medical dispensaries, fast food serving hatches and kiosks.

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are made from aluminium so they can be installed anywhere, even at the coast. There is a range of options including the exceptionally strong Lockdown Shutter. It has a unique non-mechanical locking system that does not rely on the motor, so it functions even during power outages.

Fit security screens on windows

Security screens are see-through but strong enough to block missiles thrown at them. Use them to protect windows and staff inside the building and to prevent after-hours break-ins.

Trellidor Clear Guard is made from a panel of woven stainless steel. It is framed on all four sides in aluminium to make a neat, strong barrier that does an excellent protection job.

Clear Guard is a logical choice for the public areas of commercial buildings because it is attractive and fits in with any décor theme chosen for upmarket buildings. The frame can be powder coated to tie in with the colour scheme.

Control access with sliding gates

Retractable security gates are ideal for commercial premises because they can be designed to protect just about any type of door or window. Trellidor manufactures them in steel or aluminium, depending on your preference and location.

Sliding gates can be custom made for extremely high and wide openings; curved doorways like revolving entrances; very wide openings found in large retail outlets; normal size front or back doors, where they stop people from walking in unnoticed; and windows of all sizes.

Trellidor has a range of sliding gates on offer, some of which have been certified by a third-party testing body as the strongest in the world. The gates can be fitted with an electric lock to easily control access.

The gates are a good choice for selected windows because they slide open for use as an emergency escape route in case of fire, hostile break-in, or a hostage situation.

Protect vulnerable windows with Cottage Guard

Cottage Guard is an unusually strong form of burglar proofing for windows and ideal for business premises. The strength of these burglar bars is enhanced by a full, four-sided frame. It is firmly fixed into the substrate surrounding the window, not into the window frame.

Each Cottage Guard unit is purpose-made for the window and fitted by a Trellidor technician to ensure that the installation is robust and reliable under attack.

Use it to shield display windows that face on to streets; windows off-street at the back of the shop that are frequently unattended, and thieves could get inside unobserved; staff and public bathroom windows, which are often small windows but provide a handy escape for robbers.

Cottage Guard is the best choice for retail premises kitchen windows; storage room windows that would otherwise provide easy access to stock for thieves; and windows on either side of entrance doors into retail shopping precincts or shops.

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