Boomtown grabs award for innovative health advert

LIFE AND DEATH: Boomtown’s award-winning campaign raises awareness on hypertension
LIFE AND DEATH: Boomtown’s award-winning campaign raises awareness on hypertension
Image: Supplied

Boomtown Advertising Agency has won a Pendoring Craft Certificate at the annual Pendoring Awards, held in Johannesburg, for its interactive advert for Circular Health, titled the Silent Killer, created to increase awareness around hypertension.

Boomtown was briefed by Circular Health, a medical practice, to create an engaging campaign that would raise awareness around the overlooked yet deadly medical condition known as hypertension (high blood pressure).

The Boomtown creative team created a three-dimensional interactive poster with a blood pressure pump.

When the blood pressure pump was used, the poster slowly filled with fake blood, revealing a hard-hitting message.

Boomtown MD and executive creative director Andrew MacKenzie said few people understood the health risks of hypertension and that was why it was  important to bring it to people’s attention.

“The message which appeared in fake blood can be read from top to bottom or bottom-up.

“By being able to read the message in reverse, the opposite meaning becomes true and reflects the reversible nature of hypertension,” MacKenzie said.

The creative team behind the work included agency art directors Meagan Viljoen and Jesse Sharkie, copywriter Wessel Stoltz, creative director Hilton Mashonga, executive creative director Andrew Mackenzie and production company Carved Unlimited.

Dr Nicolas Thackwray, from Circular Health, said that during the campaign more than 85% of patients who were tested did not know that the effects of hypertension could be reversed.

“This figure reveals how little people know about hypertension.  

“When you consider that 40% of people over 25 suffer from hypertension and that 50% don’t know they have the condition, it’s easy to see why it’s a silent killer,” he said.