LETTERS │Jail term seen as racist

Convicted racist Vicki Momberg just after she was sentenced to 3 years at the Randburg Magistrate court.
Convicted racist Vicki Momberg just after she was sentenced to 3 years at the Randburg Magistrate court.
Image: Simphiwe Nkwali/ Sunday Times

Last week’s jail sentence given to Vicki Momberg must surely be the most “racist” act ever committed by the judiciary anywhere in the “free world”.

On a daily basis Julius Malema and others insult “non-black” South Africans with statements about “whiteness”, stealing land and possessions, and slitting the throats of the boer and farmers.

And yet not only are they never prosecuted for this but Malema is rewarded with an invitation from the president to rejoin the ANC, presumably in some position of power and influence in the government.

As black people are not punished for the crimes committed by the ANC “struggle heroes”, neither should white people be punished for the crimes committed by the Nationalist apartheid government.

Sticks and stones, as the saying goes, refers to issues like the use of the “K” word, but how can the spoken word only hurt and affect one colour of people.

Blacks and whites are at conflict the world over, but they find ways of overcoming prejudice and live together in relative harmony.

White people do not often want their children to marry blacks, and the same applies to black people not wanting theirs to marry whites, but sometimes it happens and good luck to them.

Malema’s way of exterminating or chasing away the white South African population can never be right or allowed to succeed as the whole civilised world would turn against us and in turn reduce South Africa to what Malema 0deserves. (Nothing)

Hopefully common sense will prevail and Momberg will be released from this “false” imprisonment and receive the anti-social treatment she obviously needs.


Your editorial “Clear message on hate speech”, Weekend Post March 31.
You are mistaken, a clear message on hate speech has not been sent. What has happened is that a white women – Vicki Momberg – has been sentenced to three years imprisonment with one year suspended. Not one single black person (and there are numerous counts) have been sentenced to prison for the same “crime”!

May I remind you that South Africa’s biggest and most well-known propagandist of hate speech against whites in general – Julius Malema – remains free to roam the streets of South Africa spitting out his “hatred” as, when and how he wishes to do so – including in parliament.

Until he has been arrested, appeared in court, found guilty and jailed as Momberg has, you are whistling in the wind.

May I also remind you that according to media reports there are 113 outstanding cases against blacks for hate speech.

What has happened to these cases? Why no prosecutions? Why no media outcry? Talk about justice. What justice?

We are living in South Africa where selective justice and reporting seems to be the order of the day.


Remember as a child we were taught “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Not true in the case of Vicki Momberg.

But how do we equate three years’ prison for a white woman stupidly abusing a black person using the “K” word but conveniently ignore those people of colour, politicians and others, using threatening and insulting language against whites?

The law should be applied equally.