LETTER │Where’s money going?

I query as to where the money that council is making from ratepayers with regard to the punitive water tariffs is actually going. To fix the water problems, I hope, or to balance the budget, I hope not.

The writer of the article, “Bay tightens water curbs as crisis deepens” (July 12), seems to suggest that 50l a day is sufficient for 10 people. Really now.

Funny that council gives no update on the progress of the Nooitgedacht treatment works.

Not a word about the strike action that was happening there a few months ago and workers being paid for doing nothing. Yet, we have an absolute disaster in the metro.

The government and council want citizens to install water tanks, but are not prepared to help subsidise the costs.

Council, you are killing us with your huge tariff increases. Are you going to sell my house on public auction to get your money, yet big business and government departments owe you millions?

Get your priorities right.

Michael Metter

Port Elizabeth

I lodge a interesting topic with regard to water restrictions.

Is the municipality fair in estimating a reading and then fining recipients based on the estimate for water over-usage?

This is fraud or misappropriation.

We put the correct figure in on the website and the municipality re-estimates higher!


Port Elizabeth