Victim deserves best care possible

WE can all be thankful that Xolile Tose has been sentenced to life in prison for the brutal and sadistic rape of a pure and innocent child. However, although his life will be no bed of roses, he will be housed, clothed and fed at the taxpayers’ expense, while the innocent victim is left with a life in ruins and a future too execrable to contemplate.

If our taxes can be used to sustain the vile perpetrator, then surely the innocent victim is deserving of consideration. It appears though as if little thought has been given to her future, and it has been left to goodhearted private doctors to offer their services.

Why did the state officials, who are so assiduous in doling out our taxes on frivolous and unnecessary events, not immediately ensure this child received the best care our taxes can buy?

If the Eastern Cape is the “home of legends”, then let’s start a new legend of how a life broken was made whole, a future shattered made bright and a child’s faith in her fellow man restored.

Derrick Fellows, Port Alfred