Quotas an insult to black sportsmen and women

NEVER in the history of mankind have so many feared so few! Some 35 million of us South Africans feel so inferior we do not think it possible to produce a mere 15 black rugby players of distinction.

Oh no, we must hedge our bets and legislate to ensure our “substandard” players are selected.

After 20 years of our democracy do we still suffer from such an enormous inferiority complex that Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula and company feel it imperative to legislate to cover up for the inadequacies of black sportsmen and women? What he is effectively saying is: “You, my black sportsmen and women, do not have the ability to represent South Africa. But never mind we will legislate to make sure you are selected despite your inadequacies.”

What an indictment against every proud black South African! What a slur never to know you were good enough, always to be tarred with the race quota brush!

Who does our minister think he is fooling? Imagine if the US decided that its predominantly black basketball team had to be selected to represent the racial composition of the countr y?

When will we stop perpetuating the racial divide in this country and not see everything in terms of colour?

When will we learn that you will never be inferior unless you allow yourself to be inferior? We are all South Africans first and foremost, not white, black or coloured whatever South Africans.

This type of legislation takes us back to the apartheid years, worse in fact.

Tongue in cheek I enquire if the minister now intends enforcing the quota on the Bafana Bafana teams to include “inferior” whites to comply with our racial mix? (If he did perhaps Bafana Bafana may in future win the odd game or two!)

Sorry, but see the racist reaction the minister is now encouraging!

Talbot Cox, Schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth