Greenacres petrol station robbed

Image: iStock

Owners of petrol stations in Nelson Mandela Bay need to take caution, police warned on Saturday.

This after the Engen garage in Ring Road, near Greenacres Shopping Centre was robbed on Friday at about 11:15pm.

Police spokesman Captain Johan Rheeder said a suspect entered the shop inside the petrol station wearing a balaclava over his face and armed with a fire arm.

“The suspect was carrying a plastic bag and demanded that the cashier give him all the money as well as her personal vehicle’s car keys.

“But the woman was clever, when she threw her keys at the suspect, they keys landed behind the fridge.

“When the suspect bent to get the keys, it gave the woman enough time to press the panic button,” Rheeder said.

The suspect fled the scene on foot.

Rheeder warned that criminals often planned their modus operandi and know that petrol stations have limited staff in the evening.

“I urge the public to be vigilant and extra careful,” he said.

A case of business robbery is under investigation.