Suspected robber found dead at Walmer lodge

[caption id="attachment_236447" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Union Road, Walmer
Picture: Google Maps[/caption]

A suspected robber has been found dead in a Walmer lodge after holding up two elderly men at about 4.20am on Friday.

According to police, the men, aged between 65 and 85, were asleep at a lodge in Union Road, Walmer when they were woken up by someone in their room.

The suspect allegedly confronted them with a knife and attacked the men.

Police spokeswoman Captain Sandra Janse van Rensberg said the younger victim was stabbed several times on his face while they were attempting to apprehend the suspect.

"The suspect was eventually overpowered and the victims tied up the suspect to avoid further attack."

The police were alerted and on arrival found the suspect already dead in the room."

"The cause of the  death is unknown," she said.

 Police are investigating a case of house robbery and an inquest docket was opened in respect of the suspect’s death.

 "A cell phone belonging to one of the men was found in the suspect’s pocket. Both victims, who are from Gauteng, were taken to hospital for treatment."

"Police are urging the hospitality industry to advise their guests to be vigilant after booking into their guest houses," Janse van Rensberg added.