'Couldn't our people be quarantined in China?' - Rami Chuene weighs in on Wuhan evacuees

Rami Chuene has weighed in about the coronavirus.
Rami Chuene has weighed in about the coronavirus.
Image: Rami Chuene instagram

Actress Rami Chuene has responded to news that 122 South Africans are returning from Wuhan, China amid the coronavirus scare to be quarantined at a resort in Limpopo.

Taking to social media just hours before the flight carrying the evacuees was set to land, Rami claimed that, unlike China, SA has not established a solid system to deal with a possible virus outbreak on a bigger scale.

“I'm just wondering if they didn't stand a better chance there than here?," she asked.

In a separate tweet, Rami said things cannot go on like its business as usual.

She said people must be stopped from coming in and going out of the country to prevent further risk.

“Let's put ourselves first for a change. Close the door so we can have a family meeting as SA.”

Speaking to the media this week, health minister Zweli Mkhize assured South Africans several times that the locals who are returning from China have not tested positive for the virus.

He said the 21-day quarantine period is to ensure they are well enough to be integrated into society.

Actress Buhle Samuels has said "drastic, aggressive methods" need to be adopted to by the government to ensure South Africans are safe amid the global outbreak.