FASHION: Pocket power on a wedding dress

How British bride Eve Paterson and her bridesmaids made style find function

Eve Paterson and her bridesmaids show their pockets in their photographer's tongue-in-cheek "power pose" at the December 2018 wedding in London
Eve Paterson and her bridesmaids show their pockets in their photographer's tongue-in-cheek "power pose" at the December 2018 wedding in London
Image: Toby Mitchell of

A picture of Eve Paterson and her bridesmaids went viral as they were heralded for having pockets on their dresses.

The December wedding was in many ways a traditional English wedding except for the detail of the pockets which has rocketed Paterson and her friends to fame around the world.

But fashion is catching on, and who knew pockets were such an emotive subject?

Well, actually, many women who have hitherto been stuck adrift, with nowhere to place an errant hand or stuff a tissue or lip balm ...

When writer Nell Goddard posted a picture of her friend’s wedding on Twitter the internet went cuckoo for the tongue-in-cheek “empowered stance” adopted by the bride and her bridesmaids, who were all unmistakably standing with their hands in their pockets. Pockets! On a wedding dress!

Photographer Toby Mitchell of captured the shot.

“Yes, we did use them for storing snacks, thank you for asking,” Goddard captioned the post, sending other women into raptures over the existence of such a thing. Pockets? On dresses? At a wedding? What a world.

Incidentally, the bridesmaids dresses came from American online store K F bridal, which shrewdly offers dresses of varying design (different necklines, with sleeves or without) in the same colour so that you can order something to suit every shape in your bridal party.

Neatly, the service offers pockets as an extra.

A simple stroke of pragmatic styling offering infinite benefits: snack carrying, obviously, but also table plans and schedule for the day – allowing for the pleasant lack of toting around a clutch or similar (really, who wants to carry a bag inside?). Especially at a wedding where you’re hindered for snatching a canape or two, or have to balance holding your glass with your arm candy. It’s no life.

Happily, I was also at a wedding this past weekend, and guess what, I wore a dress – with pockets. It’s from Tibi, and as well as offering a discreet phone stash, it’s elegantly loose and balances a tight line between enabling you to look smart without feeling trussed up.

Its designer Amy Smilovic is a woman who understands how to turn practicality into a style statement.

“I’m not a smoker,” she tells me from New York.

“But I think of pockets as the new cigarette. It’s what you do with your hands. It makes you look effortless.

“Look at every person in a movie leaning on the edge of a bar, a rail, a car – there is always one hand in a pocket. The epitome of nonchalance. But here’s the key. Pockets have to be perfectly placed. Low. Low is effortless.”

She’s not the only one to note that pockets are an add-on worth making.

For this spring season, pockets are in abundance – whether you’re going to the park or indeed, a dressy event.

Sure trousers, jeans etc have them (note: trousers without pockets should be illegal), but dresses and skirts with pockets are a game-changer. - The Daily Telegraph