Hulisani Ravele: I’m grateful to know what it’s like to be gracefully broken

Hulisani Ravele
Hulisani Ravele
Image: Mabuti Kali

TV star Hulisani Ravele has gone through some really tough times over the last year and a bit but refuses to let that get to her‚ telling fans she knows all too well what it is like to be "gracefully broken" but is still standing.

Hulisani had fans deep in the feels on Thursday when she took to Instagram to reflect on the lessons she learnt over the last year and said this time in 2017 her life was all kinds of crazy.

"Last year this time my world was being turned upside down. If you’d told me that my life would change the way it has in the last year‚ I never would’ve believed you. But here I am‚ standing. Getting some things right‚ getting others wrong‚ facing new challenges‚ tasting new defeats‚ but still standing."

Although she wouldn't spill the tea on the things she had struggled with and even left a disclaimer saying it was "not when what you think happened happened"‚ she said she was grateful for the lessons.

"I’m grateful today to know what it truly means to be gracefully broken. So‚ when you see me basking in my joy‚ understand that standing today came at the cost of being on my knees yesterday and lying in my own tears the day before that. I know what it’s taken to stand. It’s a journey. Trust the process. Trust your angels who have gone before you. Trust the one who knows."

She said the one thing she hoped people would learn from her journey was: "You will get through the storm‚ trust that."

Hulisani started the year off with a message of hope‚ reflecting on how 2017 had defeated her.

"If you look at everything that has happened to me in 2017‚ and other things you may not know about‚ 2017 was really a year of loss for me. I lost many things but I think it was in preparation for what 2018 is going to bring‚" she wrote in a post on Instagram in January