Indian musical treat for Bay

Poorvi Bhana on sitar and Saradindu Adhikari on tabla
Poorvi Bhana on sitar and Saradindu Adhikari on tabla

Acclaimed Indian classical musicians Poorvi Bhana and Saradindu Adhikari will be performing in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

The Bay’s Nirvana Performing Arts Circle is presenting the concert in collaboration with the Indian Consulate in Durban to mark two significant centenaries: the birth of the late Nelson Mandela 100 years ago, and the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's satyagraha (passive resistance).

South African musician Bhana plays the sitar, an Indian stringed instrument which she learnt to play under the guidance of her father, Jeram Bhana, and later under Pandit Arvind Parikh of the Imdad Khan Gharana stylistic tradition.

Bhana first picked up the sitar when she was only five and since then has developed a promising career that will surely prove to be illustrious and innovative.
Years of training have exposed her to and enriched her music with the artistic aspects and nuances of diverse gharana styles.

Her distinctive style is strongly rooted in classical music traditions. She has collaborated with many well-known local and international musicians and has performed all over UK, Paris, Amsterdam and Greece.

Indian-born artist Saradindu Adhikari will play the tabla. The acclaimed percussionist learnt from his father during his childhood in a musical family and has performed around the world.

He is also the founder of Ninaad, a school of music that recently opened in South Africa to promote Indian classical music and art.

The concert is at 7pm at the KGM Hall, 128 Mountview Drive, in Malabar. Tickets are R100. For more information, contact Mahesh Narotam, 082-556-9847.