'Come Dine With Me' in PE this week

Port Elizabeth contestants of Come Dine with Me SA, from left, Cardel Lippstreu, Lee Hensberg, Gwendoline Zwiegelaar and Garneth Jaggers

In Episode 6 of South Africa’s television show Come Dine With Me we’re dining in the windy city of Port Elizabeth for the first time in the series on BBC Brit on Thursday March 22 at 8pm.

Guests include a former Mr Port Elizabeth, a young, bubbly party girl, a no-nonsense dog trainer and lastly, a ceramicist with a mischievous streak. Watch the sparks fly!

All is set for an intriguing first night hosted by Gwendoline Zwiegelaar. Guests Lee Hensberg, the ceramicist 46 going on 25, and Cardel Lippstreu, PE’s premiere dog lady, both confess to being picky eaters – meaning Zwiegelaar has her work cut out for her if she wants to win that cash prize.

Pity that former Mr PE, aka Garneth Jaggers, decides to kick the evening off with a rather inappropriate comment that could throw the whole evening into chaos . . .

Night two falls to tell-it-how-it-is-lady Lippstreu. Her main course of ostrich ruffles some feathers, especially from bubbly but opinionated guest Zwiegelaar.

The night takes an interesting turn when our diners reveal surprising fantasies about what their alter-ego drag names might be. Can you guess who “Dirty Diana” may be?

Night three sees Jaggers take to the floor and attempt to dazzle the ladies. He calls himself the “Steak King” of PE, and with steak as mains, what could go wrong?

The final dinner party sees ceramicist Hensberg play host, and what better way to welcome your guests than by serving something many might not like – periwinkles on the patio!

The foursome are treated to rosemary-roasted marrowbones for starters, chicken in a clay pot with forty cloves of garlic for mains, and home-made ice cream with cinnamon banana for dessert.

Will age trump enthusiasm? Will it be a battle of sexes? Will the weird triumph over the ordinary? Who will be the host with the most?


  • Occupation: Sales rep
  • Worst CDWM nightmare: People getting drunk and undressing
  • Perfect dinner party entertainment: Photoshoot with keepsakes
  • Other interests: Socialising
  • What is your signature dish? I make the best sandwiches – anything goes.
  • What’s been your biggest dinner party disaster? My chicken potjie – I used red wine instead of white and it coloured the meat. It looked uncooked.


  • Occupation: Business owner – Commercial Boarding Kennels
  • Cooking style: Quick and easy
  • Most complicated dish: If it’s not bought pre-cooked it’s automatically complicated!
  • Worst CDWM nightmare: Having to eat food that’s often seen in Fear Factor or dinner guests who are complete introverts.
  • What is your signature dish? A leg of lamb.
  • What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster? Having invited guests who I didn’t realise knew and didn’t like each other and then watching them be fake for the evening for my sake.


  • Occupation: Accounts manager
  • Cooking style: Just winging it
  • Worst CDWM nightmare: Insincere people
  • What is your signature dish? My steak
  • What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster? Lol . . . the attack of these three ladies on my dinner party night!


  • Occupation: Ceramic artist
  • Cooking style: Food made with love . . . generous and tasty
  • Worst CDWM nightmare: No alcohol. Or an inattentive host. Or a smelly, dirty home . . .
  • What is your signature dish? Vegetarian lasagna
  • What’s been you biggest dinner party disaster? All the guests had been summoned to sit down for supper, the chicken had been roasting for two hours and I opened the oven to find it was barely cooked! When I checked the oven settings, I saw it had been cooking at 50°C for two hours instead of 190°C!