Lumin wins New Talent Search

Lumin won the Sunglass Hut New Talent Search show at SA Fashion Week in a featured collection of seven designers last week in Johannesburg. The other designers were Her Ritual, Siyathokoza, Nu Base, Etsa, Shiela-Madge and Mieke. After a show filled with rich local talent, Sunglass Hut crowned designers Amy Lui and James Barrett-Poulsen from Lumin the winners of the this year’s New Talent Search. The Lumin duo win a trip to London as part of their prize. Lumin [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173788,173801,173787"] Lumin showcased an all-black collection with structured lines.

Her Ritual [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173800,173785,173786"] Her Ritual mixed heavy-weight fabrics with rich browns. Siyathokoza [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173799,173798,173797"] Siyathokoza used shweshwe in an interesting way, with asymmetrical cut-outs and mixing fabrics.

Etsa [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173816,173817,173818"] Etsa kept the palette minimalist, with grey tones and rigid lines.

Sheila-Madge [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173802,173795,173796"] Sheila-Madge had a colourful collection with quirky prints and silhouettes.

Nu Base [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173794,173793,173792"] Nu Base showed a touch of femininity with frill details and neutral tones.

Mieke [gallery type="columns" size="full" ids="173791,173790,173789"] Mieke took inspiration from the 1980s pinafore style, matched with pompom accessories.