Knit for a cause

Nelson Mandela Bay knitters and crocheters who would like to contribute to “the largest portrait blanket in the world” are invited to join the KnitWits for Madiba.

Port Elizabeth group co-ordinator Jaquene Anderson is planning the regional input into next year’s super-size picture and the goal for 2017 is to create the face of the late president Nelson Mandela on such a large scale that it will only be able to be read from the sky.

There will be 1764 “pixels” in the portrait, with each pixel a square blanket measuring exactly 160cm x 160cm, either crocheted or knitted. The portrait will be “painted” in wool of the following shades: silver grey, black, red, bright yellow, royal blue and emerald green.

“We are looking for donations of silver grey wool in particular, colour code 011,” Anderson said, as the bulk of the background of the portrait is this colour.

Knitwits for Madiba founder Carolyn Steyn dreamt up the idea of using wool and yarn to commemorate the legacy of Madiba and next year plans to display this blanket on April 23.

She estimates it will take approximately three days to lay out the 1764 blankets according to the portrait pattern and sew them all together.

This is what the national knitwit team will need: 964 Silver grey blankets (color code 011); 480 Black blankets (color code 017); 84 Red blankets (color code 136); 76 Bright yellow blankets (color code 138); 84 Royal blue blankets (color code 008); 76 Emerald green blankets (color code 022).

Steyn said Madiba’s “face” would cover “a whopping area of 4515m²” so knitters around the country would have their work cut out.

“Blankets can either be crocheted or knitted. If you are going to be working in groups, we suggest churning out squares measuring 20cm x 20cm,” said Steyn.

“Please make sure that you stick to the requested size of 160cm x 160cm, as we need precision from everyone in order for this project to work.

“Long live the Knitting Revolution for Madiba!!!! Let’s ROCK this project for the entire world to witness how we are keeping the legacy of our late great father of our nation!”

For more information, contact Jax on or 083-455-7564.