Perfect pozzie will make hibernation a breeze

WITH the City Slukker heading off to chilly foreign environs for a few months – and with grilling interviews for a temporary replacement currently taking place – he thought now would be a good time to remind Bay beer quaffers, that the sun is king.

After all, the slukker is going to see precious little of it in a UK winter. Then again, there are apparently a few worthy bars in England.

CS is certainly looking forward to wetting his whistle in one of those really historical ones like The Three Stags in London, where Charlie Chaplin's father use to drink. (Too much apparently – he died at 37 from cirrhosis of the liver).

However, there can be few greater pleasures in life than slukking on your favourite icecold frostie while a gentle breeze is cooling a late summer afternoon, and you are in a spot that perfectly complements the experience.

For all the trendy new pubs that pop up so frequently – and many are ultra chic, well decked out and serve CS's draught just the way he likes it – there are some old school pozzies.

These have an air of bonhomie and pure easygoing-ness which set them apart – they're ideal for whether you're on holiday or simply after a hard day's work.

One of CS's favourites is Hume Park in Humerail which has been around for yonks and boasts an unparalleled view of the goings-on at the docks and an expansive Algoa Bay.

On a tranquil day parking off on its deck, it is a pure tonic – and no, CS doesn't particularly like gin, so that can't be it.

But with cold draught in hand, away from all the hustle and bustle of busy traffic, and dry, wry and witty company and conversation thrown into the mix (well, sometimes) you find any stress build-up taking a nosedive.

A 500ml draught – Castle or Hansa are available – which is always served up with a smile, costs a very reasonable R17, while other sluks are also in the value-for-money range.

This also applies to the munchie menu which CS rates highly when it comes to a variety of generous, hearty meals at a very good price.

The three-course Sunday lunch is particularly popular.

Another pozzie which is similarly old school and has that same sort of am-beer-ience is the Quarterdeck at the Humewood Hotel where draught is, coincidentally, the same price.

It also boasts a similarly spacious and airy atmosphere, with the pub spilling out on to an equally roomy veranda.

It may be a little noisier due to the traffic, but it is certainly an entertaining view.

Watch the strollers watching you enjoying a sluk and with many an undecipherable Mona Lisa expression – in this case, both disdain and envy written all over their faces.

It's rather fun, CS thinks, as he makes a note to self: remember the all-weather jacket.