Help repress arthritis with water workouts

ONE of the biggest tools arthritis suffers have is exercise – and many have turned to water-based exercise to get their bodies moving. Water aerobics and swimming laps are excellent types of exercise and much less painful than land-based sports.

Arthritis supplement Natrix Humex K lists several reasons water sports are good for arthritis sufferers:

1. Exercise is good for arthritis in general, especially low-impact exercise such as swimming. Studies have shown that regular exercise assists with relieving pain, stiffness, fatigue and sore limbs due to increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and general physical wellbeing;

2. Water-based exercise offers the ideal solution for getting good exercise if you have arthritis. When you move in water, the pressure put on your joints through impact is lowered dramatically. The pool water supports the weight of your body, and eases the stress of gravity, allowing you to move without putting strain on your limbs and joints;

3. When your body is submerged in a heated pool, your body temperature increases. This causes your circulation to improve, because your blood vessels dilate from the increase in body temperature. The warm water also allows for pain relief as the hot temperature is soothing on sore joints;

4. Water is also far more resistant than air, so when you move submerged in water, the added resistance exercises your muscles and strengthens and tones them, but very gently. In fact, it has been proven in studies that water exercise is a type of weight-bearing exercise and can strengthen bone density;

5. Many gyms have spa baths or Jacuzzis. These are excellent for pain relief as the powerful jets of water that are released from the nozzles massage and ease the pain of sore, swollen joints and tight muscles.

Water aerobics has become a popular way of getting exercise and is practiced all over the world. For arthritis sufferers, it is a fantastic way to get the exercise you need without impacting on your joints and causing pain.

Joining a class at your local gym or health club is a good way to introduce yourself to the sport. A professional instructor will lead the class and other members will help motivate you to continue.